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Western Arizona Senior Living’s Promise

We understand that this process can be stressful between looking things up yourself, senior or their families scheduling your own tours and everything in between. Here at Western Arizona Senior Living, we promise to provide personalized guidance in senior living communities, assisted care, home safety checks, and more – all in one place and at no cost.

1. Interview & Intake 

Our first service is to personally meet with your senior and everyone in the family who wishes to come along. During our thorough interview and intake process, we uncover every factor that plays into the care required. Things we check for include the level of medical care required, how much social activity is desired, acceptable locations, and of course financial considerations.

2. Research & Recommendations

From everything we learn about your senior’s wants and needs, we get to work, finding the best relevant options in the desired area. We take time to review each community, call them to ask for specific details, audit their health and safety records, perform background checks, and look up reviews to see if they live up to their reputation.

3. 360 Community & Lifestyle Matching

Once your senior’s short list is ready, we start the process of touring the selected communities together. As your concierge, we walk through the facilities and talk to the reps with you, asking questions of them you may not have thought of yourself from our experience with this industry. If there are any problems, we’ll uncover them, so you can make your final choice with absolute peace of mind.

4. Hands-on Follow Up

We follow up with you, your senior, and the community once 72 hours after placement, and again 30 days afterwards to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable with the arrangement. Our only goal is complete satisfaction, since this is a major transition in life. If there are issues, we’ll work to fix them, and if your senior isn’t happy, we’ll find them an even better place.

5. Sourcing Professionals for All Other Needs

If they need to make arrangements for their pets, there’s someone ready to help. If they need movers who take it easy on the heirlooms, we know who to call. Legal assistance? We have lawyers on speed dial. And we have experts to help with Veterans Affairs, too.

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