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Senior Independent Living

Independent living is a lifestyle-based community for seniors who are in good health but would like to have similarly aged and likeminded peers to do things with. Sometimes, seniors opt for this type of housing because their house have recently become empty or too large to care for alone. Typically such communities are built as fairly standard apartments but restricted to residents over a certain age. Such communities could be joined with assisted living or more advanced care units too, allowing for an easier transition should the need arise.


In addition to the other residents, the benefits seniors get from this style of living are amenities and activities in close proximity. Depending on the community, features like golf courses, swimming pools, game rooms, movie theaters, and more are located onsite.

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Independent Living Offers

Room & Board

  • Comfortable, private & shared rooms

Nearby Conveniences

  • Independent living tends to be in city centers with necessities like groceries, shopping, and parks being a quick walk away


  • Depending on the community, in-unit washer and dryer or a communal laundry room may be available


  • Off-site excursions to nearby attractions and events are often available
  • Staff organizes the entire event, including van or bus and making sure all seniors get back safely
  • Individualized transportation can also be arranged in some communities 

Social Events & Activities

  • Every community is unique depending on the mix of people. Activities might include parties, games, swimming pools, sports, art classes, board games, and movie nights
  • Because assisted living communities tend to have many seniors, there are a wide variety of options available

Extra Health Care

  • Although independent living is intended for healthy seniors, the older population benefits from staff who are prepared for emergency response and some basic on-site health needs at a moment's notice

Monthly Average Cost of Care

Monthly Average*

$3,500 - $5,000+

*Aggregated monthly cost estimates. Costs may vary by community, market and individual care needs.

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