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Assisted Living

Assisted living is a catch-all term for managed communities for fairly independent seniors. If a senior might need help with day-to-day tasks such as meal preparation or managing medication, but are otherwise healthy enough to function without dedicated medical care, assisted living might be the right choice.


Assisted living communities are typically arranged as large multi-family complexes where seniors have private rooms, suites, or full apartments to themselves, and have common areas and plenty of activities.


Assisted living comes from day-to-day care that would be too difficult, time-consuming, or even impossible to manage single-handedly for a senior. Hygiene, laundry, and chores are just a few areas they can get help with.

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Assisted Living Offers

Room & Board

  • Comfortable, private & shared rooms

Meal Preparation

  • Meals are prepared for the residents
  • Dietary needs are addressed for individual care


  • Staff tidies the room, changes and makes the bed, and keeps surfaces free of dust
  • Private bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned for a pleasant experience and to prevent possible illness


  • Laundry is always done by the staff
  • Clean linens are provided

Medication Management

  • Staff ensures medication management is made per all medical orders
  • Staff records that dispensing happens per doctor’s orders

Extra Health Care

  • Assisted living is intended for mostly healthy seniors, additional care may be available at some
  • Staff is trained to keep an eye out for worsening conditions, such as those with may require memory care


  • Off-site excursions to nearby attractions and events are often available
  • Staff organizes the entire event, including van or bus and making sure all seniors get back safely
  • Individualized transportation can also be arranged in some communities 

Social Events & Activities

  • Every community is unique depending on the mix of people. Activities might include parties, games, swimming pools, sports, art classes, board games, and movie nights
  • Because assisted living communities tend to have many seniors, there are a wide variety of options available

Grooming, Showering & Dressing

  • Each senior can get assistance from staff on daily hygiene tasks to keep refreshed, improve self-esteem, and maintain good health and wellness
  • Some communities have on-site barbers/hair salons for convenience

Monthly Average Cost of Senior Care & Living

Monthly Average*

$3,500 - $6,500+

*Aggregated monthly cost estimates. Costs may vary by community, market and individual care needs.

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